FEB Berkebun Movement To Realize Eco-Campus

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Tim FEB Berkebun bersiap menanam bibit tanaman jambu biji di taman dekanat FEB. (Foto: Unair News)

UNAIR NEWS – There is an environmental-based community in Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Airlangga. It is called FEB Gardening (FEB Berkebun).

Who would not like to see green refreshing view of campus in the middle of urban area? Everyone and even scholars in a campus need open spaces dominated by the green of plants to relax after the classes. Faculty of Economics and Business has an interesting community with environmental movement. It is called FEB Berkebun.

It was started by Dr. Mulyani MEMD, a lecturerof FEB, who is active in environmental movement. Since being established, this community has 28 active FEB student-members with the same vision to make FEB as one of the eco-campuses in Surabaya.

FEB is located in the middle of urban area and has been an example of urban campus. A campus with limited space, located in an urban area and surrounded by the hurly-burly of the city, needs fresh air to support the students’ study. FEB Berkebun wants to make changes by doing what they do.

Agendas of FEB Berkebun

Routine activities done by FEB Berkebun is observing plants (gifts of Unair Students Directorate) which were planted in the faculty garden, near Griya Krida Mahasiswa and FEB back-garden. Agendas have been listed by the committee as the community has bigger plan to renovate four gardens in FEB. The first agenda was to arrange GKM garden so the students can spend their time at ease and in a comfy way. The second agenda was to process waste water from Nuruzzaman Mosque so that it can be used to water the plants in FEB.

“To realize this plan, FEB Berkebun has sent a team to Jambangan tourism village to learn the process of the waste management and other green environmental process,” Mulyani said.

Penanaman bibit tanaman produktif di taman dekanat FEB, Dr Muryani memberikan komando kepada Tim FEB Berkebun. (Foto: Unair News)

Every Friday, the community with Student Council (BEM) and BSO of FEB holds FEB Clean movement by cleaning the campus area especially Griya Krida Mahasiswa which is the garthering spot of FEB students.

Farikha Hanum Noveria, the head of the community, hoped that all students of FEB work together to maintain cleanliness of their campus. She also hoped that they can join with her community to create a clean, beautiful and comfortable environment. Every week, FEB Berkebun do not only plant and observe plants, but also discuss about their programs. “It is done so that our team can gain more knowledge on environment,” Farikha said.

This community was appreciated by the Head of FEB Facilities and Infrastructure Division, Ngarbani. He said that the community’s activity has contributed greatly by making campus, which is inhabited by a third of total Unair students, greener. “In the future I hope the community will plan to process dry and wet waste so the vision of being an eco-campus can be realized,” Ngarbani said.

Various events done and planned by FEB Berkebun were to encourage the students to keep the campus beautiful, clean and green and also to expand their knowledge on green movements.

Let’s save our environment! (din/dss)

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