FEB Students Has Japanese Culture Enthusiasts

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Anggota JEt sedang berpose di sebuah acara. (Foto: UnairNews.com)

UNAIR NEWS – Japanese Enthusiast (JEt) started from a few Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) students’ initiatives to get together with other Japanese enthusiasts. At that time Students Executive Council (BEM) was encouraging students to form communities in FEB. So JEt was established to invite other students with enthusiasm on Japanese culture. JEt has had fifty members for now.

Trisna Setia Permana, the head of the community, stated that various interests on Japanese culture has made JEt form various divisions. The divisions were Culture and Language, Arts, and Anime which focused on their own topics. Culture and Language division’s activities were Japanese language tutorial, Japanese culinary review, origami, and other general tradition of Japanese. Arts division focused on contemporary arts such as music (J-pop), J-drama and cosplay. While Anime division focused on students who interested in drawing anime which initially had its own community and later was merged with JEt.

“Since childhood, most of us have been interested in Japanese cartoon and shows shown on Indonesian TV. Things like that, at least, have created an attraction to learn more about Japan,” Trisna said regarding youngsters interests on Japanese stuff.

He also added that Japanese people itself was interesting and was the other reason why they attracted to know more. He explained, with limited natural resources they had, they could maximize their creative industry which gave values to their country. He also wanted to know more about their culture on how to apologize, be discipline, and be polite as implemented by Japanese people.

Despite their interests to Japan, Trisna stated that their affection to Indonesia will never fade. Even though initially they were branded ‘disloyal’, he believed that by joining JEt, the members will learn many factors which make Japan a great country and later we can use them in Indonesia.

For the future, he hoped more ‘active’ people will join the community, so it will not only big in quantity but also big with its creativity. He said JEt will provide entrepreneurship trainings for the members, for example on Japanese culinary or comic making, so the member can be really productive, not only gathering with no clear objectives. (yda)

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