Enjoys and Learns Film Fisip Unair Way

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Peeping Comm film show and discussion of The 400 Blows at the mini theatre of FISIP UNAIR (Photo: Unair News)

UNAIR NEWS – Do you like watching films? If you do, how far would you go to understand the message conveyed from the film? How far would you observe the outfits, the plot, details of the scene and even the background of the film? Or do you watch films merely for the entertainment and it finishes when the film is over?

If you do pay attention to the details of the film, then you might have similar interest with the Communication Sciences students in Peeping Comm club. In the club, many things about films are discussed in depth. A film is not merely for entertainment. Every film opens and offers an unexplored firmament of knowledge.

Peeping Comm is a film review club of UNAIR FISIP Communication Sciences students’ assembly (Himakom). The head of Peeping Comm, Dimas Febri Ananto, said that the club facilitates the students of Communication Sciences interested in reviewing films.

There is no boundary of genres for the film they review. Peeping Comm never limits themselves on their film review. “All genres are shown and then discussed,” Dimas said.

“We didn’t limit the genres of the film we review, all genres of film are shown. Romance, action, or documentaries,” he said to WARTA UNAIR. Furthermore, he explained that the film chosen sometimes depends on a special day or commemoration for example to commemorate 30 September Tragedy, film shown was related to communism.

Communication Sciences students’ enthusiasm is quite high to watch the film. It can be seen from the students’ attendance in every film show at the Mini Theatre of FISIP UNAIR managed by Peeping Comm. But for the discussion session after the film ends, the committee has to work hard to convince them to stay and participate in the discussion. He hoped that students who are not in the club, can participate in the discussion host by the club in the future.

Routine club’s meeting is held once in a week, but it often adjust to the members’ condition for example if the classes have not finished. Peeping Comm has been cooperated with other parties to hold the film show. Last time, Peeping Comm worked with Sinema Transit to show French film 400 Blows from the fifties, and before that they had worked with Surabaya Punya Cerita for Finding Srimulat film roadshow.

In the future, he hoped the club can cooperate more with other parties for its film show and participate in any film festivals. This year the club wants to realize a film showing with the alumni of Communication Sciences. So, if you want to understand a film from all sides, you should join Peeping Comm activities. Good job, Peeping Comm. (*)

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