SEBUNG: Sharing in Simplicity

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One of the members of Sebung community (left) giving the package to the locals.

UNAIR NEWS – Life has taught us lessons. One of them teaches us to share to the needful. Sharing can be done many different ways. A simple way of sharing a wrapped meal to the needful is done by a community called Sego Bungkus (literally means wrapped meal) Community, or SEBUNG in short.

A community born on December 12, 2012 started their humanity service in a simple way, by giving a wrapped meal. Initially, the activity of sharing a wrapped meal was funded by spontaneous donation. From the collected donation, they bought wrapped meals as much as the money they got. As time went by, the donation flows continuously from the students, lecturers, businessmen, civil servants and even from a mailman. The donation then managed with a system so the meals could be distributed more effectively.

At this moment, SEBUNG is led by Febryan Kiswanto (FH/2011). SEBUNG starts their routine on Friday night. “We start on Friday night at 20.00 local time,” said the leader which is at his seventh semester.

The community which initially had 30 active members and some volunteers have their target area of distribution. The route starts in front of Campus B Central Library to Jalan Kertajaya, and then to Mulyosari, directed to ITC, Kya-Kya, Sunan Ampel Shrine, Genteng Kali, Undaan, Pasar Besar, Alon-alon Contong and ends at Hotel Majapahit.

During Ramadhan, Sebung’s activity doesn’t stop. End of the week routine at 8 o’clock in the evening changed at midnight. Later activity time is to give meals for sahur time also known as sahur on the road, instead of to give dinner for the needful. Not only that, ta’jil sharing in the streets is also done. And they even hold sympathetic care activity for kids around Dolly prostitution area.

SEBUNG Innovation

The community always works and innovates to improve their humanity service in more creative and useful way. Innovative activity models are to avoid boredom for the community members or volunteers which support the process of the humanity service. “We always innovate on the activity to avoid boredom, but still directed to humanity service,” Febryan added.

SEBUNG which initially distributed wrapped meals in the streets became packaged alms without changing the name SEBUNG but the charity target was widened. SEBUNG now is more meaningful and useful for a lot more people. The target are orphanages, senior citizens homes, home of the physically challenged, and also home of children with special need. The model of the charity is more varied.

“For packaged alms we give donations in forms of nine basic necessities (sembako), books, used clothes and sometimes money,” said the FH student.

Now, this kind of community is not only in Surabaya. The goodness virus has spread to many cities in the country such as Makasar, Malang, Solo, Samarinda and even Bengkulu. This kind of goodness should always grow in society. Sharing in togetherness will make life more meaningful. “Sharing is fun if done together,” he said. (nui)

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