MYMA: Discuss, Debate, and Compete

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The members of MYMA Unair.

UNAIR NEWS – Making achievements at the same time of learning on our field of expertise should be interesting. Not only sitting and listening to lectures, but also practicing our skills. This is what Airlangga Young Jurist Community (MYMA) does. The community has more than 40 members from Faculty of Law.

The initiator of MYMA was Dimas Satrya Utomo, an UNAIR alumnus from Faculty of Law 2009. The idea of establishing the community was based on his intention to share his knowledge and experience in many competitions. He believed that it would be more effective in form of a community with clear management’s structure.

The main objective of MYMA establishment was to provide a discussion forum related to legal science while preparing for any competition about law. If there was a competition, MYMA would select, sort, prepare, send the representatives and win the competition. Initially, this role belonged to Airlangga Law Students Committee (KOMAHI), but over time, there was a discrepancy between its visions and missions. Then, MYMA was born and focused on handling competitions and legal science discussions such as conveyed in the community’s motto Speak And Write For Truth And Justice.”

“KOMAHI was directed to the advocacy of public policies and to correct the government’s policy, while MYMA focused on the competitions,” M. Athfal Rofi’udin, the head of MYMA explained.

So far, the community has made achievements in 6 national competitions, such as First Place and Best Speaker III of Sciencetional Debate Competition Universitas Indonesia 2013,  Second Place of Soedirman Kartohadiprojo Cup Debate Competition Universitas Parahyangan 2013 and the First Place in 2014, Third Place of Sciencetional Debate Competition Universitas Indonesia 2014, Second Place of Oil and Gas (Migas) Universitas Negeri 11 Maret 2014 and finalists of many other competitions.

To optimize its work and function, MYMA divided its organizational structure into three departments; Departments of Information and Communication supervising Internal Division and External Division. External Division’s job including maintaining ties with other law faculty of other universities; Department of Research and Development; Department of Competition which is divided into Debate Division and Legal Writing Division. One of its activities is conducting class discussion about the latest legal issues with panelist written the conclusion. It was held every other week on Thursday.

“We are going to list the standard competences on materials which will be taught continuously and also to simulate the debate for practicing debate skills. Passing the required standards will get a certificate,” Afrida Dwi Oktavianti, In. Gen. of MYMA, said.

Legal Writing Division focused on the training of scientific paper as the legal scientific paper are varied, similar with other LKTI activities; legal opinion is about case solving, elaborating the legal opinion and providing solution; legislative drafting is practice to draft laws; constitutional drafting; contract drafting;esai and verdict analysis.

MYMA initially focused on constitutional law but then adjusted to the departments of Unair Faculty of Law; they are business law, trial law, administrative law, and international law. Department of administrative law was divided into administrative law and constitutional law.

“Generally, theme for debate competitions was constitutional law, so we were close with constitutional law lecturers. If there were problems, we consulted to constitutional law lecturer such as Mrs. Endang Sayekti,” Siti Jihan Syahfauziah, The Head of Department of Research and Development, said.

But Jihan also said that the discussion material would expand to other legal departments. “Our discussion was likely to expand to other legal departments since our objective was also on the legal science. It was a lot to discuss in legal science, but there were many things which law could manage, and it was not far from that.” (lis)











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