Airbone, Unswerving Bonek Unair

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Some Airbone members posing in front of the camera.

If they heard anything about Persebaya, they would spontaneously make a statement if they were its loyal supporters. That was obviously seen. Bonek’s unswerving loyalty can be seen everytime Persebaya plays. This group of loyal supporters called Bonek also exists at blue and yellow campus, Unair. They call themselves Airlangga Bonek or Airbone in short. They have their own tag lines, “From UNAIR for green force”, and “Nekat (Reckless), excellent with morality”.

This community of Bonek firstly initiated in 2007 by some students from FISIP and FEB. One of them was Bagus Tedy Prasetyo which has already graduated. At first, Airbone was formed to coordinate Unair students who loved Persebaya and to be means to gather. “Especially when there was a game, we usually gathered around the flagpole in front of old Pinlabs,” Bayu Ganang Dwi Prasetyo from merchandise and ticketing division said.

In its early years, Airbone had difficulties in interfaculty coordination. But in 2009, clear organizational structure was established. The Head of the community in 2013 was Nico, FEB student from Accounting program. Up till now, the members recorded were more than a hundred students. Some of them were girls which usually called Bonita.

Routine gathering activities were held on Wednesday evening. Their gathering spot was around the flagpole in front of the old Pinlabs. It would be crowded if Persebaya was going to play. Wednesday evening was when they listed anyone who was going to watch the game. The record of members watching together was 70 students. Even though watching football games identical with brawls, chaos and so on, Airbone would sit it out when it happened.

Not only gathering and watching the games, but Airbone also held social service. During fasting month, the community usually distribute free snacks or meals for people in the streets.

Airbone cooperated with other Bonek communities from ITS and UPN to hold blood donation event to celebrate Persebaya anniversary on June 18, couple of years ago. On Kartini’s day, April 21 2012, Bonita was invited by HardRock FM to commemorate the day. In the beginning of 2013, they held a welcome party behind the library campus B to invite new students.

This community Airbone was an interesting and fun community for the members. “It’s fun. We got new family and new experience. We were especially excited if we could support Persebaya on their away game. In the stadium we are not alone, many people to talk to. For the game, there is dresscode like T-shirts and scarves which make me feel like having a lot of brothers,” Bayu, FISIP student from Tourism program, said when was inquired about his impression joining Airbone.

Even there is a conflict of dualism in Persebaya, Airbone reacts positively. “The point is, we still unanimously support the real Persebaya, which was born in 1927. Bonek in Airbone will always well-coordinated and unswerving,” Rendy Dwi Prabowo from FEB, the deputy of Airbone stated. He added that supports they gave was when they joined thousands other Bonek 1927 to demand the city mayor Tri Rismaharini’s promise to reject Extraordinary Conference (KLB) PSSI which was held in Surabaya. (lis)

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