Rumah Topi, Creative Business Unair Students

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Iqbal Rahmanuel in front of his shop in Surabaya Creative Market. (Photo:

UNAIR NEWS – Iqbal Rahmanuel, at first was looking for hats with uncommon shapes such as artists’ hats and flatcap (komando) caps for fun. But he realized the difficulties to find them, even in the Internet. In fact, there are many people in some groups or forum which looked for the stuff. Since then, Management 2012 student from UNAIR Faculty of Economy and Business (FEB) has noticed the big opportunity for this headwear business.

Iqbal named his brand Rumah Topi (House of Hats) so that the people can easily find it on Google when anyone type “topi”or “rumah topi “ in the search engine. The name was also a prayer so that his business can be the center of hat business in Indonesia. On the page of, customers can choose the hats’ model desired and order.

Rumah Topi was claimed to be the largest online hat shop in Indonesia which offers 25 kinds of hats and caps such as commando caps, flatcaps, hip-hop caps and other kinds with hundreds of different models. They can be for men, women and kids. Not all products offered are Iqbal’s products, there are imported items too. For self-produced products, Ilham works with headwear craftsman. The price offered is varied, starts from Rp 30 thousand to Rp 180 thousand. The costumers are from around Indonesia, some requests are from neighboring countries but he can’t supply them there as he has not made overseas service system.

The man born on September 2, 1993 started his business on March 2012 with initial fund Rp 5 million. Now, his profits reach Rp 20 million a month. Not only promotes his products on his site, he also promotes them in online forum and social media. This year he has opened an offline shop at Surabaya Creative Market, Jl Kapas Krampung No.45, Surabaya.

Other than hat business, Iqbal also own two other businesses, packaging Raja Tas Kertas, and Creamel ice-cream. He runs his business vigorously during his study at college. He said there were no significant problems to do two activities at the same time as long as there is priority.

“It’s well scheduled, when I have a class, I go to campus as it is my job as student. And also, going to college is not like going to school. We can arrange the schedule so it doesn’t disrupt our other activities such as our business,” he said.

Iqbal’s success in business makes his parents proud and it gives certain happiness for Iqbal. “I can make my parents proud is more than enough. Business is interesting, I can applied my managerial skill I got from college in practical way,” he added. (kyd/ind)

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