New Faculty Staff To Boost Doctoral Program

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UNAIR NEWS – Rector Universitas Airlangga, Prof. Dr. M. Nasih, SE.,MT.,Ak., with the Head of UNAIR Senate Academic Prof. Dr. Muhammad Amin, dr., Sp.P(K), Vice Rector III, and Vice Rector IV, inducted new faculty staff for 2015-2020 term on Friday November 6. Held at Garuda Mukti Hall UNAIR Management Office, the induction was attended by faculty staff term 2010-2015, IKA UA representatives, the board of directors and the head of working units.

For the induction of faculty staff term 2015-2020, UNAIR Rector inducted 14 deans, 1 postgraduate program director, 39 vice deans, 2 vice deans and 3 acting vice deans. The assignation of faculty leadership referred to UNAIR Rector Decree Number 1732/UN3/2015 dated November 4, 2015 while the assignation of vice dean and vice director referred to UNAIR Rector Decree Number 1733/UN3/2015 dated November 5, 2015.

The handover of faculty position was symbolized by the Dean of UNAIR Faculty of Medicine term 2010 – 2015 Prof. Dr. Agung Pranoto, dr., M.Sc., Sp.PD-K-EMD passing the silver cordon to the Dean of UNAIR Faculty of Medicine term 2015 – 2020 Prof. Dr. dr. Soetojo, Sp.U. Other than FK UNAIR leadership, the handover was also symbolized by FIB UNAIR leadership, from the dean term 2010-2015 to the new dean term 2015-2020.

In his official address, Prof. Nasih reminded the new faculty staff to the academic tasks UNAIR will carry out in the future. At least there were five challenges stated by the Rector of UNAIR to the newly inducted faculty staff. First, 80% of all study programs have to be accredited A in 2017. Second, 15-20% of accredited A study programs have to get accreditation from international organization.

Third, at the least in 2017, the number of international journals’ publication indexed at Scopus database will have to reach 300 articles. Fourth, boost the quantity of doctorates or about 40% of lecturers. Fifth, increase the number of professor at about 20% of total lecturers.

“We have to accomplish these difficult tasks. It is impossible to achieve if we are alone. We will have to organize our ranks to accomplish them,” Rector of UNAIR said.

The professor of Accounting from UNAIR Faculty of Economy and Business also stated that the new faculty staff continue the development initiated by the former staff.

“In every faculty there are things need to be continued regarding to reposition. For example, we are now developing a new curriculum in FK UNAIR and also in other faculties. UNAIR also have physical tasks to finish some buildings in FEB, Faculty of Pharmacy, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Faculty of Fisheries and Marine. In the future, please maintain the continuity,” Prof. Nasih stated.

At the command of UNAIR rector, the Dean of Faculty of Social and Politics Sciences term 2015 – 2020 Dr. Falih Suaedi, Drs., M.Si, stated that FISIP UNAIR has strong foundation to meet the challenges.

“Logical consequences for modern universities are acknowledgement of national and international community. One of the indicators is the accredited journals. Last time, FISIP only published 7 journals in a year. Now, we have reached 43 journals. Furthermore, six of seven study programs in FISIP have accredited A. FISIP has strong foundation already and we just need to escalate them,” Falih said.

The Dean of FK UNAIR term 2015-2020, Prof. Soetojo, stated that his faculty will increase the number of students and lecturers who study abroad.

“UNAIR was appointed by Minister of Research and Technology to reach Top 500 World Class University in 2019. We are ready for that because FK UNAIR has the best potentials for that. We have to improve researches and the publications so the citations will also increase. Furtermore, we also have to send many students or lecturers to study abroad,” Prof. Soetojo said.

From 15 faculty leaderships, there are 3 deans staying at their position, they are the Dean of Faculty of Science and Technology Prof. Drs. Win Darmanto, M.Si., Ph.D, Dean of Faculty of Pharmacy Dr. Umi Athiyah, Dra., MS., Apt, and the Dean of Faculty of Public Health Prof. Dr. Tri Martiana, dr., MS. (dss)

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