Rectorate Appreciates UNAIR NEWS

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Wakil Rektor III Unair di stan Unair News Airlangga Corner. (Foto: Unair News)

UNAIR NEWS – The launch of brand new website of Information and Public Relations Centre (PIH) Unair, UNAIR NEWS was appreciated by Unair Rector M. Nasih. During Airlangga Corner handover on Tuesday, December 12, the rector stated that digitalization is a must in this modern era. “We must be proficient for the era challenges,” the rector said.

Vice Rector III Unair Prof. Amin Alamsjah, Ir., PhD had a similar opinion. The idea of generating UnairNews should be appreciated. He hoped that PIH can develop the site consistently in terms of its content. “A discussion forum of civitas academica (students, lecturers, alumni and Unair community) is needed. (It could be) an online forum or face-to-face one. PIH should be able to initiate,” he explained.

This forum later on will discuss various and updated topics. They could be local, domestic, or even international, for example about Surabaya election, celebrity prostitution, MEA and ISIS.

There will be some kind of logs on various recommendations from all civitas academica. The forum should not be a spot where discussions go around in circles without achieving any solutions. “I am ready to exchange ideas on its concept,” he added.

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