Airlangga Corner Optimizes UNAIR Potentials

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Gedung Airlangga Corner di pojok Unair kampus B, di pertigaan Jalan Dharmawangsa, Surabaya. (Foto:

UNAIR NEWS – Tuesday, December 29 2015, Bank Mandiri officially handed over Airlangga Corner building to the university. The building located right on the corner of UNAIR campus B, the junction of Jalan Dharmawangsa, was built last year with funding from Bank Mandiri about Rp 1.1 billion

Airlangga Corner was built with two floors; the first floor would be used for Education Apothecary, and display of Information and Public Relations Centre (PIH) UNAIR, the second floor would be used for UNAIR entrepreneurs stands and also discussion spot.

Totok Priyambodo, Regional Wholesale Head Bank Mandiri Regional VII Java 3, stated that the Airlangga Corner building grant not only to improve entrepreneurship at UNAIR but also as an appreciation for UNAIR which has used the bank service for its finance transactions. “May this aid connects Bank Mandiri and UNAIR closer,” Totok said.

Bank Mandiri and UNAIR hoped through Airlangga Corner building that there will be more entrepreneurs from UNAIR students which are supported with their product marketing. “It is in line with Bank Mandiri efforts to create new young entrepreneurs,” Totok said.

Rector UNAIR, Prof. Dr. M. Nasih, SE, MT, Ak., explained that Airlangga Corner will be the replica of UNAIR where the visitors know all about UNAIR only by coming to Airlangga Corner. UNAIR academic products such as medicine and herbal medication, UNAIR souvenirs, mini model and maps of UNAIR can be seen there. “If you want to know about Universitas Airlangga, come here. If you visit UNAIR, it is a must to stop by Airlangga Corner. We also support entrepreneurships. We have education apothecary, not only for business but also for students practice dealing with customers. There’s also herbal medication products which will be packaged and marketed modernly, so our local products will not be extinct,” Rector said.

Rector hoped Airlangga Corner will be the place to improve entrepreneurships through financial business, the place to learn and also for alumni spot. “Alumni can hang out here, sipping coffee and all,” Prof. Nasih added.

In the handover ceremony, Airlangga apothecary showed its products such as medicine, tourniquet, and some herbal products. Meanwhile PIH UNAIR shows UNAIR souvenirs, like planners, pens, ties, mugs, thermos, T-shirt and so on. There are also Radio UNAIR as electronic media and UNAIR Newsroom.

Regarding Airlangga Corner as the representation of UNAIR, The Head of PIH UNAIR, Drs. Suko Widodo, M.Si, said that in the future, people can get any information about UNAIR from Airlangga Corner. “So, Airlangga Corner is the display of UNAIR. Provide information in details and enable the society to give inputs to UNAIR and also to display innovative products of UNAIR,” Suko said. (

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