Active In Organizations Increases Chance Of Scholarship Grants

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UNAIR NEWS – In other articles, UnairNews has discussed about some benefits of being active in a community or organization. Some of them are being able to interact with others well, gaining more knowledge, being able to learn on differences, polishing our leadership skill, expanding our information network and expanding our way to find our destiny.

There are many other benefits we can get from joining an organization. An alumnus of Universitas Airlangga (Unair) who is currently studying at The University of Edinburgh, Agie Nugroho, confirmed the idea previously elaborated.

The bachelor of Public Administration Sciences stated that being active in organizations boosts confidence. It comes handy when we socialize in communities, or when we apply for a job. An individual trained to perform and express ideas in public, and also work in a team.

“Soft skill capability will improve. We will understand a lot about public speaking, handling complaints, and understanding well about administration and bureaucracy,” said the man who is currently learning Public Policy.

Another interesting benefit is it increases your chances to get scholarship grants or be chosen for student exchange program. Experiences in organizations give plus points to the applicants. Agie has made his way to Edinburgh was also because of scholarship grants.

He admitted that he joined various organizations during his study at college such as BEM FISIP Unair, Purna Caraka Muda Indonesia, Sobat Bumi, and also social community like Sego Bungkusan. He has also been an exchange student to Japan and been to Taiwan for a conference.

“We will have a vast network, more friends not only in national level but also international one,” said the man who has been a part-timer in Deteksi Jawa Pos. (red)

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