Unair LPDP Awardees Strengthens Relationship Through Gatherings

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Para awardee LPDP Unair melakukan foto bersama di sela-sela pertemuan 6 Desember lalu. (Foto: Unairnews.com)

UNAIR NEWS – In Unair, there are more than 20 students granted domestics Indonesian Educational Scholarship (BPI) from Indonesia Endowment Fund for Education (LPDP). They were spread out in all faculties of Unair. They took Master, Doctoral and Medical Residency Programs. Some of them were from the affirmation program and some were from the regular program.

As students funded by the government’s grants, LPDP awardees has always tried to contribute in the society. Their real contribution was often formulated through a gathering which also known as kopdar and it was held on a regular basis.

“We have held these gatherings for a few times. The first was on October 17. The second was on November 6. The third and the last time was on Sunday, December 6 at the gazebos of Psychology Faculty. In the near future, after the final exam, we’re going to hold it again,” said Unair LPDP Awardees Coordinator, Muhammad Hamzah Solim.

He confirmed that the gatherings were not only as hang-out and chat sessions but they also discussed and brainstormed ideas for their next social and counseling events. From the last gathering, for instance, they agreed to establish Scholarship Corner, a spot for scholarship information. They were ready to help students with information regarding scholarship.

“We planned to establish Scholarship Corner at Unair. And to bring about this idea, we are ready to discuss with the campus officials. We are also ready to be in its management along with other students,” assured the student from Science and Technology Faculty.

Unair LPDP awardees have also planned to publish a book containing their inspiring stories and notes of every Unair LPDP scholarship awardee. At the moment, the book is still in the material collection phase. They hoped that it would be a means of sharing stories and could be useful for the readers.

This continuously-held gathering will strengthen relationships among the scholarship awardees.  It can also be used for making acquaintance of other awardees. “We are from different batch of Leadership Program (PK). So, not all of us have met face-to-face. These gatherings will make us get along well,” he added.

All this time, Unair LPDP awardees have actively contributed in the events held by East Java LPDP. They had provided and socialized information regarding scholarships in campuses and education exhibitions. They have been held for two years now.

Not only to socialize in Surabaya, East Java LPDP awardees have also been to Madura, Malang, Kediri, Jombang, Madiun, etc. East Java LPDP Awardees consist of students from East Java universities such as ITS, Unair, Unesa, UIN Sunan Ampel and Universitas Brawijaya.

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