MakNews, Online Media Based On Surabaya Local Wisdom

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Foto: MakNews

UNAIR NEWS – The Logo of this online media is dominated by green with capital “M”. A combination of black and white gives a nice touch. Some features offered in its homepage are Suroboyo, Cangkrukan (Hang Out), Reportage, #SuroboyoNyoblos, and so on.

All contents are all about Surabaya. Some about political or governmental issues, youngsters’ events, opinions and perspectives of arek-arek Suroboyo. There are also national and international issues. But, all of them are presented in Surabaya style with some casual comments, a few local swearwords and terms with Surabaya taste.

The first article published in the site was Mengapa Surabaya Butuh MakNews? (Why Surabaya needs MakNews?) The article elaborated the background of the portal establishment and it was published on June 30, 2015.

“Surabaya readers demand engagement. Not only as readers as according to Indonesian Internet Provider Association (APJII) as of 2012, our lovely city was city with the most internet users after Jakarta (3.5 million users). It reached 955,000 users or about 31.6% of total population (3,025,000 people). In Surabaya, there are many things covered with engagement more than from sensational and national news. About Surabaya parks which still have no wifi connections, local youngsters who struggle with their first business, about traditional coffee shops which are getting eliminated with the submerging digital coffee shop 2.0. MakNews wants to covers those kinds of issues,” a quotation from the article.

No wonder, the contents of this media are idealized from, by and for Surabaya. There are immense enthusiasms to cover issues on Surabaya or its local wisdom. The creative team was put together from nine people with undying love to Surabaya. The contributors are the people who are always proud of this capital city of East Java.

“Not only for written stories, MakNews also provides space for comics, cartoon or animation, and other creative works,” Rio F. Rachman, one of nine MakNews creative minds said. “MakNews is not exclusive. Anyone can send their work and published here,” the FISIP Unair alumnus added.

Other than the graduate of S2 Media and Communications, the eight others are Agung Putu Iskandar, Enrile Fahmi Fahreza, Bimantoro, Dadang Hariyawan, Amanda Lokitasari, Iwan Iwe, Titik Andriyani, and Shellya Febriana.

Beside publishing creative stories and works, the online media based on Balas Klumprik also often becomes media partner of events in Surabaya. For example an event titled Surabaya Dalam Kertas (Surabaya on Paper) and Dukung Animasi Indonesia (Support Indonesian Animation) at Heroes Monument, Suroboyo Nyel! at the former Mpu Tantular Museum or now Bank of Indonesia Library, 10 Nopember Animation Showing at Spazio seventh floor and so on.

Even on September 27, 2015, MakNews initiated an event Bonek Wani Nulis (Bonek-diehards supporters of local football club- dare to write). It was a creative writing training for supporters of Persebaya Surabaya and followed with an inspiration of establishing Bonek´s website on

Every day, MakNews updates its site at least a story in a day but often more than that. It is clear that the media wants to facilitate the people of Surabaya to express their thoughts. It includes the creative youngsters with high spirit to build the city.

MakNews has a twitter account (@maknews_id) and a interactive facebook page(MakNews). The Creative team take turns become the admin in the social media. The traffic or daily visitor of the site is okay for a new media online.

What is interesting from MakNews is that it always knows more about current issues of Surabaya. It contains any opinions about Surabaya, for example regarding the Mayor election some time ago.

This media provide special feature #SuroboyoNyoblos. It was not only about objective analysis of political constellation, but there are also jokes and humors related to the once-in-five-year event. The objective was not to give bad impressions or to laugh about certain party but to encourage people not to be kemrungsung (excited excessively) dealing with the party of democracy.

“Even it is bitter, MakNews wants to cover it. Not in big media style which is very political and bias (perhaps because they put ads on the page *er). MakNews wants to talk about politics in Suroboyoan: grapyak, mbanyol and not kemrungsung (Surabaya style: intimate, funny and not excessively excited). But if it is not mbanyol yo gak usah digojloki (funny, don’t make fun of it), Rek. Jenenge ae usaha (At least we’ve tried). Gak eleng koen biyen durung duwe pacar (Don’t you remember when you are single). You did everything to change that. MakNews realizes that politics only gives a headache. But we still can talk about it differently. We can talk about it in Surabaya way, with laughters. At least laughing at people who lost their mind because their head only filled with politics,” a quotation from editorial story Politik Mbanyol Pilwali (Funny Politics of Mayor Election) released as the first feature of #SuroboyoNyoblos (#SurabayaVote). (red)

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