Don’t Hesitate To Join A Community!

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UNAIR NEWS – In a session of judging Stand Up Comedy show on TV, Raditya Dika said to one contestant, “Stay with a community, there are a lot of lessons there.”

Indeed, being in a community, organization and gathering with friends with the same visions and missions will provide you with new insight, especially if the number of the friends in the community/organization/gathering was huge. There will be more chances to gain more insights. These are some of the benefits of having this positive hobby.

1. To be a place to strengthen ties. By strengthening ties of friendship, sense of togetherness will be maintained. The brotherhood will be tightened. Consequently, it avoids us getting depressed. Happiness will be attained easily as we are sure: we are not alone.

On the other hand, we can start to think about what can we do together especially doing something with values. If possible, we can start a project or productive idea together which will give profits.

2. To be a source of knowledge. Gathering with friends will create social interaction. The interaction often discusses useful things. Sometimes, there are also individuals who gather only for fun. That kind of gathering should be avoided.

Unfortunately, if we only gather for laughs and jokes, we will be like a group of kids. That is why having a community or organization should bring positive values. There should be knowledge sharing. If we do not have something to share, let our friends share their insights.

3. To learn to appreciate differences. In a community, differences are inevitable. It is a replica of the real world. Remember, the world was formed by many differences. How should we react to differences is the point.

If in a small community we can appreciate people with different opinions than us, we will be able to be wiser in a bigger community. If an individual is rigid, cannot appreciate differences, he tends to force his opinion. If he is a leader, he will be an authoritarian or a dictator and it is no longer the time for tyrant or dictators.

4. To hone leadership skill. A community/organization/gathering generally has a leader, the highest leader of the heads of divisions. An activity often needs committee or coordination. This is where our leadership skill honed. If a leadership is systematically rotated, everyone will get chances to test their skill.

A community/organization/gathering teaches us to be precise in managing potentials, human resources or non human resources. You can see the Indonesian and world leaders now, all of them must be from a community/organization/gathering which succeeded in shaping their great individual

5. To be an information network. In modern era nowadays, information is very important. Some literary work even said that information has been a commodity to fight over. Without adequate information, someone will difficult to attain their ambitions, look for jobs, and get anything they want.

By gathering with many people, source of information will always flow. The existence of surrounding people also widens the network.

Wide range of network will make our life easier. For example, sometimes an information on our dream job placement came from them who ‘whispered’ in our community. That is why, do not ever belittle information network.

6. To be a match-maker. It is possibly a bit cliché, but look around. There are many friends, families, lecturers and colleagues who found their spouse from a community/organization/gathering.

Sharing same visions and missions was the reason why they are together. But, sometimes, some people believe that it came from their intense encounter as stated in Javanese proverb: tresna jalaran saka kulina. (Love comes from intense habitual action)

The point is, for singles, gathering with friends which share a same point of view is not a bad idea. Maybe, we will find our destined other. Yet remember, having similarities also means having differences. As elaborated in point 3, we must be wise to deal with existing differences. (red)

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