“Ayo Berkumpul” and “Hatiku Senang” Songs in Halal-Bihalal PKPB UNAIR
Happiness of PKPB Universitas Airlangga members during Halal Bi-halal, in Jojoran Surabaya. (Photo: Yitno Ramli)

“Ayo Berkumpul” and “Hatiku Senang” Songs in Halal-Bihalal PKPB UNAIR

UNAIR NEWS – The members of Paguyuban Karyawan Purna Bakti (PKPB) Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR), on Sunday, July 15, gathered again. This time it was in the occasion of  halal bil-halal, Eid al-Fitr 1438 gathering,  at Jl. Jojoran III/111 Surabaya, the house of Widji Lestari, a retiree of PNS FKG UNAIR. There were 100 members of PKPB UNAIR, besides the Head of PKPB Dra. Kusmawati and the other initiators.

There was a surprise in this event. Since its establishment on May 20, 2017, it has a choir now they sang two songs special for the retirees. The songs were “Yel Yel Ayo Berkumpuland “Hatiku Senang”. Both songs made the members of PKPB UNAIR felt happy together. They shook hands and forgave each other.

”Those two songs were specially created for and by the members of PKPB UNAIR,” said PKPB UNAIR member.

This meeting is also used for a discussion led by Dra. Kusmawati, and the forum agreed to give aid to members with misfortune. Members with illness will get Rp 500 ribu while for member passing away, the family will get Rp 1 million.

”This aid is taken from the group’s petty cash collected from routine every three months,” said Kusmawati.

It was the same decision with the gathering on June 11, that there would be a gathering every three months. Routine donation has been determined with 50%-50% composition for refreshment and petty cash. The members take turn hosting the gathering. They can also ask to be a host and the time is flexibel.

Public Relations of PKPB UNAIR Yitno Ramli informed that the next gathering will be in October 2017, in  Yayuk S. Oetami, SH., M.Kn., a retiree of FH UNAIR and Public Relations UNAIR.

In this halal bi halal occasion, there was  a distribution of sarong for each member. (*)

Author: Bambang Bes


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