UNAIR is Ready to Establish Academic Partnership with Chengchi University Taiwan
(From left) head of International Partnership National Chengci University Prof Mei-Fen Chen and Vice Rector III Universitas Airlangga Prof. Ir. Amin Alamsjah, Ph.D (Photo By: Defrina Sukma S)

UNAIR is Ready to Establish Academic Partnership with Chengchi University Taiwan

UNAIR NEWS – Universitas Airlangga reputation has been made the academician of National Chengchi University (NCCU), Taiwan, wanted to explore the academic partnership. the delegations of NCCU visited UNAIR on Friday (28/4)

Two delegations NCCU which attended to UNAIR were Head of International Partnership Prof Mei-Fen Chen and also Head of Asia Pacific and South Asia Partnership Sasha Ou Yang. They were welcomed by Vice Rector III Prof. Ir. Amin Alamsjah, Ph.D., International Office and Partnership Margaretha, M.Sc and all the vice deans III.

There were several reasons why UNAIR was chosen, Chen said UNAIR is one of the oldest and reputable university in Indonesia. According to her, UNAIR is the modern college and sustainably produce innovation for society.

The aim of visits was to figure out the possibility of academic partnership. “Our coming in UNAIR for establishing or exploring the possibility of partnership. I hope, we will sign the agreement sooner, at least in this year,” Chen Said when interviewed at Plenary room. Management office UNAIR.

The Moscow State University graduates stated there were many possibility of partnership which could be conducted with UNAIR

“It’s not only student or lecturer exchange, but also research, international conference and community services. We also provide scholarship for those who want to study in Chengchi (NCCU).” Chen Said

Vice Rector III gave positive response of partnership plans from NCCU, he said that the academic collaboration was the internationalization step of UNAIR, moreover, NCCU has the specialty in social science same as UNAIR. Therefore, he hoped for UNAIR academician will response the collaboration soon.

“They also have interesting programs which we can join in, for example summer program. The main point is partnership. If they (NCCU) send student for student mobility, we will also send students to study there. Besides student exchange, FISIP officer will invite the NCCU academician to be keynote speaker in scopus indexed international conference,” Amin Stated

Aside program, professor of Fisheries and Marine Faculty said that UNAIR has financial support to run the partnership plan. “There are financial supports from each faculty, so it is possible to be conducted,” Said the seaweed experts.

Author : Defrina Sukma


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