Latest Social Media Culture and Advancement of Country

Latest Social Media Culture and Advancement of Country

LATELY, business motivated accounts have overflowed the social media. From an account which sells general products to the one promotes other kinds of product and services. But not all of them consider the social aspect. In the end, those unwise people will sell anything trending in the market to make money. Unfortunately, what they sell revolve around love, jokes and even sensuality.

Either LINE or Instagram, not many information presented are positive and they bring no or little benefits and sometimes they just bring negative things such as information about feelings or negative things with dirty languages, insults or sensuality. Those kind of information can build a culture of social media especially for youth who are active in it.

As stated by Horton and Hunt (1987: 58), a culture is something we learn and experience together socially by the members of society. A culture is about knowledge, belief, art, morality, law, traditional customs, all abilities and habits (Tylor in Damsar, 2015: 5). We can say that the members of society do not only learn and experience the existing culture but also create a new culture through learning process.

Learning is efforts made to understand the reality and or be able to do something. So, as long as the human understand the reality and behavior, at the same time they understand, think, do and make them as life principles and finally, what they learn will be part of their life, either their way of talking, diction and even paradigm.

In a certain of time, human will learn and implement the culture surfacing in the environment while change the culture based on the new knowledge they just gained. The result can be positive culture (critical thinking, politeness, social concern and other positive things), or negative culture (simplistic, emotional and even individualistic thinking) as it is based on what they learn and receive.

If we look again at social media, then the users can learn and form negative culture especially when the information presented on and on even sometimes with different messages. Therefore, when people are active in social media, even though they have good culture (e.g. religious) then their culture may be affected and changed;; either mixed up with the bad one or they become no longer religious.

Movement Towards Better Indonesia

To prevent negative culture, it is a good idea for us to suppress useless and negative information. It can be done through many ways. We can spread more useful information and do not like and share useless and disturbing information and we can even report the negative one to the authority.

Useful information is not only one produced by “Taste Made”. The meaning of useful is profound analytically. But for short, we can define it as the effort to contribute in country’s development such as by giving scientific information to solve the nation’s problem, scientific works (ideas, techology,etc.), motivating positively, reminding others for goodness, updating information on government, teaching to live in harmony in the context of  multicultural Indonesia, and other social activity oriented to help the government solving the existing problems.

There are still a lot of problems in society. The subjects to solve the problems are not only social institutions (education, organization, culture and other institutions) but also by the people. By balancing all the aspects of the country, advancement is ahead. So is the cultural aspect.

The advancement of a nation is not based on the amount of technology and money of the people, but the advancement of all aspects of the country. But if we do not spend some time to understand reality, understand the problems, think of solutions, the advancing country would be a dream. (*)

Editor: Bambang Bes 


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