2.018 Students through SNMPTN to Re-register

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UNAIR NEWS – There were potential 2,018 future freshmen admitted in Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) through State University National Admission Selection (SNMPTN) to re-register in Airlangga Convention Center, on Tuesday, May 31. The re-registration was held at the same time with CBT and PBT Statu University Admission Joint Selection (SBMPTN).

That sum was not included 20 people who were not present on Tuesday, May 31. One of them was ill and the total students will be finalized on Friday June 3 after the verification process.

The sum of the attendees on re-registration were mostly from S-1 Management Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) UNAIR about 127 people, followed with S-1 Accounting about 115 people and S-1 Medical Education  about 102 people.

The re-registration was done after submit their data on regmaba.unair.ac.id from May 11-17 2016. After that the future students were obliged to pay their single tuition fee pursuant to the regulation.

In this re-registration session, the future freshmen must bring their SNMPTN 2016 card and their certificate of graduation or graduation reference letter from schools. The students crowded ACC UNAIR hall since 8 in the morning.

The event was attended by UNAIR Rector Prof. Dr. M. Nasih, S.E., M.T., Ak., Director of Education Prof. Dr. Dra. Ni Nyoman Tri Puspaningsih, M.Si. Two alumni were also present, Aan Hunaifi, senior official of multinational company Haankook of South Korea, and Vania Santoso, young entrepreneur AV Peduli who was also an UNAIR Environmental Ambassador 2009-2012. Both of them were there to motivate and share their experiences to the future freshmen.

In his address, UNAIR Rector congratulated the future freshmen. “Don’t take this for granted. Take this opportunity as well as you can. You’re not UNAIR students if you are just smart without morality,” said UNAIR Rector.

After that, Prof. Nasih blended with the future students from any faculties. They were given opportunity to make the occasion even livelier in ACC by shouting chorally in rhythm. ACC then became loud as they had exciting session.

Prof. Nasih also invited the youngest UNAIR future freshman, Rania Tasya Ifadha, to come on stage and had a brief dialogue. “What makes Rania want to be a doctor?” said UNAIR Rector. “I want to help other to get medical treatment,” answered the fifteen year old girl who was admitted in S1 Medical Education, Faculty of Medicine (FK).

Aan, an alumnus, motivated them to hone academic and soft skill as well as they can. Aan also gave them three tips for future development, medical innovation, early anti-aging and energy conversion. (*)

Author : Defrina Sukma S.
Editor    : Binti Q. Masruroh

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